Welcome to the Dublin City Development Plan website.

The Dublin City Development Plan sets out policies and objectives to create a sustainable and vibrant capital city at the heart of the Greater Dublin Region.

The current City Development Plan expires in 2016 and the process for creating a new Plan has begun.

Between now and 2016, information about the new Plan will be made available on this website. During periods of public consultation, submission forms enabling you to have your say will also be available.

The first public consultation period begins on 10th November, 2014, when Dublin City Council publishes its Strategic Issues Paper.

Please check back then to view the Paper and have your say.

Timeline for Development Plan Process

  1. Public Display of Strategic Issues Papers: 10th Nov 2014
    • Consultation & submission period begins: 10th Nov 2014
    • Consultation & submission period ends: 14th Jan 2015
  2. First Public Display of Draft Plan: Oct 2015
    • Consultation and submission period begins: Oct 2015
    • Consultation and submission period ends: Dec 2015
  3. Second Public Display of Draft Plan, with Councillors' changes following submissions from
    First Public Display: June-July 2016 (dates to be confirmed)
    • Consultation and submission period dates to be confirmed
  4. Development plan comes into effect: October 2016 (date to be confirmed)